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Card Reading

Spiritually intuitive...

I began reading oracle cards several years ago, and then began studying the tarot.

Card reading is very similar to taking any spiritual book, asking a question, flipping through the pages and choosing a passage. Each card has a message - not necessarily a rote "this card means that you will/must do something." I carefully consider your question or request for guidance, and what different meanings that the card may present for you.

I have many oracle card decks, and several different tarot card decks. I will typically ask you which deck you would prefer, but I can also recommend particular decks for your personality or situation.

I can also use spiritual books for a reading, if needed. Cards are not evil - there is evil in the world. But there is also a balance of goodness. 

Decks I personally use...

Fenestra Tarot

Tarot of Trees

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

Steampunk Tarot

Thoth Tarot - Aleister Crowley

Faery Forest Oracle - Lucy Cavendish

Faery Oracle - Lucy Cavendish

Oracle of the Mermaid - Lucy Cavendish

Magical Messages from the Fairies - Doreen Virtue

Flower Therapy - Doreen Virtue

Messages from your Angels - Doreen Virtue

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins - Doreen Virtue

Goddess Guidance - Doreen Virtue (favorites!)

Energy Oracle Cards - Sandra Anne Taylor

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

Questions to consider when requesting a reading:

What's going to happen during the next twelve months for my business/personal life?

What are my chances of meeting a life long love partner?

What is my next step in my career?

How do I move past a failed relationship?

Should I stay in school or go back to work?

Is my current relationship going to work out in the long term?

Frequently asked questions about card readings:

My reading did not play out the way I was told, why is that?

Beliefs - Your own beliefs are hugely impactful on card readings. If you do not believe what was foretold in a card reading, and you do everything in your power to prevent something from happening - more than likely, the event will not happen. You control your destiny, the cards can tell you what CAN happen if you don't change your course - which leads into the next reason.

Free Will - Your will can change the eventual outcome of a card reading (see above. The universe listens to you when you say something over and over again. Be careful what you say!

Someone else's life path - Your life can be changed in an instant by a collision with someone else's life. Cards don't reveal every detail, just possibilities.

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