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Cool Stuff

From time to time, I find stuff that I just love and adore. Here are links to a few of my favorite things... If you choose to get any if these products, I make a little money. And we both get the joy out of a great thing. Kind of cool that the universe works that way...!

Another cool thing I made - a music playlist for divorce. Not for everyone... If you're thinking about divorce - click here to take the Do I Really Want a Divorce quiz.

*Disclaimer - some of these items are affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission or products if you buy/participate in the promotion. Thanks for supporting me, my family, and our dreams of paying rent on time...

310 Nutrition - I use TONS of supplements to support my healthy lifestyle. I really love the shakes, lemonade and online support community that 310 offers. Not in love with Todd Chrisley (who endorses it)

Mindset Notes - This is freaking awesome! Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money has a mini-monthly-subscription where you get a monthly mailing with an inspirational/motivational card and STICKERS in the mail!!!


<===========These are motivational cards. I like to pull one randomly each day to remind me to open my mind to being happy more often. Sometimes the day to day grind makes me forget - how about you???

<===========I love motivational audio-books, and this one is terrific! Do you ever have a great idea, and then you talk yourself out of it? This book can help you get past that tendency to second-guess your ideas and work on getting them out there right now!

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