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These are some things that I've made - or that some of my friends have made - that embody the good things that I've learned and that I like. Enjoy!


I've got two Amazon Author pages - you can see all of my books there!

Wanda Bailey - these are the non-fictions books I've written. There are a couple of journals in there, too!

Moon Magic Soul - this is where I publish all of my journals and composition books, and planners!

Below are some samples of my work. The solo book covers link directly to Amazon!

School Composition Books

I'm not talking about the old black marble books, these are beautiful, saturated colors with multiple themes! I'm constantly adding new designs, click here to view my collections!

Day of the Dead Composition Books Mockup

Journals - 6 X 9 College Ruled

If you're in love with my school composition books, you'll love my college-ruled journals! Coming soon!

Speciality Journals - all sizes

Self-Help Books (by me!!!)

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