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Essential Oils

Essential Oils for balance...

My love affair with essential oils is just a few years old - but originated almost thirty years ago when I began experimenting with herbs and other natural remedies. I am concerned about the side effects of many modern drugs, and would rather try a more holistic way to heal myself, and my family.

If you're like-minded and need/want more information, please click the Learn More button below! I am happy to help you find answers to your questions about oils - and highly recommend using the Modern Essentials app or book in your research!

What I do with my oils...

So - yes, I'm a crazy oil person. I have a lovely wooden box of oils, and also a wooden tray for oils that don't quite fit in my box. I have lots of oils - and no, I don't necessarily use all of them (at once).

Oils I use on the daily:

OnGuard - This is a time-honored blend (supposedly originating from a group of thieves in France that avoided getting the plague by using this blend). During winter months, I use it twice a day on my feet. I tried another company's similar blend toward the end of winter - and got sick. I like this one the best for immune system support.

Slim & Sassy - I use it to regulate my tummy issues. The name implies that I will lose weight...not sure about that. But my tummy is less noisy and I feel a bit better digestion-wise when I use it.

Breathe - This blend is amazing for congestion and general respiratory support.

Deep Blue - Amazing oil/lotion for support of sore muscles. Very minty!

Grapefruit - I have a touch of high blood pressure every now and then. Grapefruit helps support circulation, so my ankles don't swell so much.

Peppermint - Super way to support a headache! Rub between palms to warm, then breathe in three times. Rub the rest on temples and back of neck. Bliss!

Citrus Bliss - Speaking of bliss, citrus smells can perk me right up on those mid-afternoon slumps. Breathe in a bit, or diffuse. I love Wild Orange as well, and Lemon.

Copaiba & Frankincense - Copaiba contains the legal CBD oil. Combined with Frankincense in a veggie capsule, this combo works to support ongoing pain.

Curious where I get my oils? I use doTERRA. Yes, I've tried others...but they don't smell the same, and they certainly don't work the same. If you'd like to buy these oils, get a wholesale membership from doTERRA by clicking here. I recommend the Family Essentials or the Home Essentials. These are both great ways to try out the oils. And please e-mail me to let me know if you have any questions! I'd hate for you to get your oils - and never open the box!

I recently had a FaceTime call with my sister-in-law who'd bought the oils (not through me) - and had never opened them. I spent 45 minutes with her going through the box and making some roller balls to make it easy to use her oils. I'll do the same with you!

If you decide to enroll with doTERRA as a wholesale buyer, or as a Wellness Advocate - I will make a small commission. Only fair to disclose that to my tribe, right? I hope you love the oils as much as I do!

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