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Attn: People that are contemplating or in the middle of a divorce

Finally! How to Start Your Divorce Process

Right Now, Get Out and

Move On With Your Life!

And You DON'T Have to Be an Expert to do it!

Finally, stop treading water and being miserable,
get your life in order, get away from your partner
and create the life you really want!

Dear Wounded Soul,

Thinking about divorce - or being stuck in the middle of a divorce - just sucks. If you want to keep your confidence and sanity throughout the entire process, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's whirlwind world, divorce isn't just about visiting a lawyer and signing some forms. Crafting your divorce plan and handling all aspects of your divorce in a logical and sane path will mean the difference between peace of mind and driving yourself crazy!

I know where you are...

I don't have a clue how to get started!

I don't know if I really want a divorce!

How do I find a lawyer?

Do I have to move out of the house right away?

Where will my child live?

How do I tell people about my divorce?

It seems too overwhelming...

I can't figure out how to get started...

I get it!

It took four years for me to get the courage to start my divorce. I was doubting if I could even finish doing it because of my partner's behavior. I couldn't decide on the "perfect" time, the "perfect" lawyer, the "perfect" way to tell my partner, the "perfect" way to tell my kids - sound familiar?

Then one day my kids said to me - "Mom, why do you stay?" (Sometimes we need a little push even it it's a tiny voice!)

Guess what I did? I did it. I got all of the financial stuff in order and visited a lawyer. (And he asked me to help him write some software, but that's a discussion for another letter about seizing opportunities!) And I finished my divorce in about six months.

And I learned all about divorce while researching software design - and I kept going through my divorce.

Nobody told me that there was stuff to deal with AFTER my divorce was final.

Wanda Headshots-4.jpg

"After that, I learned the ins and outs of divorce that no one ever talks about!"

Here's what I know.......

You are a passionate person who wants to make a change in your life. You understand that to do that, you have to take a stand and put yourself and your life out there in a big way. You have to STAGE yourself for SUCCESS and BREAK OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

Your divorce doesn't just "happen" because you wish for it.....

Staying in your relationship is giving up on YOURSELF!

How do you honor yourself and all of the wonderful things that you are to yourself, your family, and the world? You start the process of ending your relationship - now. You take one step, then the next, and you extricate yourself from the relationship that is killing you inside and out.

The great news is that you don't have to fumble around and figure it out all on your own.

Once you master the steps to ending the relationship and moving on with your life, you'll find the peace that you've been looking for - and be able to start a new life of freedom without the heavy burden of you failing marriage.

The secret lies in understanding what to do next, and then after that, and what to think about and decide for yourself along the journey. The big question though is....

Do you have the courage to follow and implement a simple system that will show you exactly what to do to finally get this process rolling from a dream to your reality?

Then let's get started.

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