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Reiki Healing

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Energy work for body & soul

Reiki is an energy healing modality that channels energy through the practitioner to the client. 

Where does the energy come from?

The universal source of energy that surrounds each and every one of us.

Can I call on the energy by myself?

You certainly can! You can learn Reiki studies just like I did. I am a Certified Reiki Master and can teach you the Reiki path. Later this summer I'll have a Reiki study ready for students.

Can I use Reiki for specific body pains?

Reiki is delivered to the body as a whole, and IT will concentrate itself where it is most needed. You may spend more time on a certain area, but Reiki flows throughout the body and soul through the chakra system. Chakras are wheels that move energy through the body. Blocked chakras can stop energy from moving efficiently.

Does Reiki involve physical touching?

It can - but I don't touch my clients during Reiki sessions. My hands are typically six to twelve inches above my client's body.

What is distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki is where I use a proxy object to send Reiki to a client. I need to speak with the client first, and know them a bit. It also helps to know their general geographic area, but not absolutely necessary. Proxy objects are items such as teddy bears and dolls.

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What happens in a Reiki session?

First of all - your practitioner will connect with the universe and ask for the best possible outcome of the Reiki session.

Then your practitioner will usually begin at the top of your head, either laying hands on you, or holding hands 6 to twelve inches above your head. Over the next thirty to sixty minutes (or however long your session lasts), your practitioner will move their hands, and their focus of energy, to different parts of your body. They may spend more time in one area than another. Your practitioner typically will not speak to you during the session, but may make quiet humming sounds. There may be quiet and relaxing music played in the background. At the end of your session, the practitioner will close with a request that all energy be used in the best possible manner. You may feel warmth, or coldness, or tingling at some points during the session. You may feel nothing at all. You may have an emotional change - or again, nothing at all.

Can Reiki be used to diagnose a condition?

No - Reiki is not a diagnosis/prescriptive modality. It channels energy. Your bodymind will move the energy to the places in your bodymind that most need it. The practitioner isn't "in control" of the energy - you are.

Can my practitioner prescribe a treatment for me?

Not as a Reiki practitioner. They may ask if you'd like to learn Reiki techniques to treat yourself. Your practitioner may work with other modalities, and may be able to assist you with another treatment plan within a different modality.

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